Nite Jewel shares sweet new track “Kiss the Screen” — watch

The latest single from Ramona Gonzalez's first full-length in four years

Ramona Gonzalez will return as Nite Jewel on June 10th with her first album in four years, Liquid Cool. The follow-up to 2012’s One Second of Love was recorded direct to 8-track in a walk-in closet, a studio befitting an album with themes centering on “aloneness in a crowded and disconnected world.”

While lead single “Boo Hoo” was an enticing first taste of the forthcoming LP, new single “Kiss the Screen” may epitomize the album even better. With a snappy snare crackling across the surface of the track, gauzy synths pulse and bleed like a heart searching for love. It’s like Gonzalez has sifted the quirky romance of ’80s coming-of-age romance through a modern digital sieve. The lyrics touch on the all-too-familiar struggle of being able to connect with anyone instantly, but never knowing quite what to say. “How will I ever know/ How will I ever show,” Gonzalez asks on the chorus, “The love that’s in me/ When I’m kissing the screen?”

Take a listen to the song below.

Liquid Cool Tracklist:
01. Nothing but Scenery
02. Was That a Sign
03. You Now
04. Kiss the Screen
05. Over the Weekend
06. Boo Hoo
07. I Mean It
08. Running Out Of Time
09. All My Life


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