Parquet Courts share mournful new song “Human Performance” — listen

Taken from the band's upcoming album of the same name, due out Friday

Last month, Parquet Courts contemplated existence and humanity on a track titled “Outside”. On their latest offering, “Human Performance”, the garage rockers tackle themes of faith and loss.

“Busy apartment, no room for grieving,” frontman Andrew Savage recounts, his voice sullen and flat. In an interview with, he pointed to his “own flawed performance of humanity” as the “catalyst” for the track. Savage also noted how the idea of faith played a role:

“Ultimately, the song is about living in the company of one’s own shame. Perhaps it was the years spent as an altar boy that gave me an inclination toward repentance and atonement. I’ve never been a believer, but I can understand the appeal of faith, especially when it includes the promise of unconditional love and forgiveness. “Human Performance” is about the absence of that faith, and how haunting it is.”

Stream it below.

“Human Performance” is off Parquet Courts’ forthcoming album of the same name, due to hit shelves on April 8th through Rough Trade. For more, check out “Berlin Got Blurry” and “Dust”.

Human Performance Tracklist:
01. Dust
02. Human Performance
03. Outside
04. I Was Just Here
05. Paraphrased
06. Captive Of The Sun
07. Steady On My Mind
08. On Man, No City
09. Berlin Got Blurry
10. Keep It Even
11. Two Dead Cops
12. Pathos Prairie
13. It’s Gonna Happen


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