Rainbow appears above Prince’s Paisley Park estate hours after his death

Mother Nature pays another poignant tribute to the Purple One

Photo: KARE

In yet another example of Mother Nature paying her respects to Prince, a rainbow briefly appeared in the skies above Paisley Park this afternoon as fans mourned the passing of the Purple One.

As local station KARE 11 reports, “The rainbow stretched perfectly across the sky over Prince’s home studio and estate” before vanishing only minutes later. Go ahead and call it a coincidence, but we’re chalking this one up as proof that Prince is, in fact, supernatural.

Located outside Minneapolis, Prince’s Paisley Park estate served as his longtime recording studio as well as his primary residence. The studio especially is the stuff of legends, being where Prince wrote and recorded much of his brilliant output (as well as plenty of songs that have yet to see the light of day). The musician’s body was discovered at the estate early Thursday morning, and fans have been trickling in to pay their respects ever since.


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