Rihanna pulls the trigger in her new video for “Needed Me” — watch

A NSFW clip that shows just how gangsta RiRi can be

Let it never get twisted: You don’t save Rihanna, Rihanna saves you. Or ends you. In her Anti track “Needed Me”, she makes it clear that she could give two rats asses about your “white horse and a carriage.” She’s not the one who needs rescuing, and in the song’s video, she makes that point sharp as the tip of a bullet.

Directed by Harmony Korine (Spring Breakers, The Black Keys’ video for “Gold on the Ceiling”), the clip sees RiRi riding up on a dude who done did her wrong. Silenced gun in hand, she makes her way from her ocean view apartment to the smoky strip club where her target waits, tossing money and blowing smoke, ignorant of the fact that his demons are coming for him.

Because it’s a Rihanna video, it’s pretty NSFW (which has become a trend with her Anti singles). So once you’re in the privacy of your own home (or your boss takes a smoke break), hit play below.


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