Sad, depressed governor of New Jersey attends Bruce Springsteen show making for a sad, depressing scene

Donald Trump let Chris Christie out of his dungeon to attend a concert by a musician who absolutely despises him

Chris Christie

In the last six months, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has had a rough go of it; he’s seen his presidential aspirations falter; been heavily criticized for the way he eats M&Ms; and joined Donald Trump’s campaign as a full-time lackey. Looking for a bit of a pick me up, Christie attended Bruce Springsteen’s concert in Brooklyn this week. The GIFs of him shouting the lyrics to “Born to Run” and air drumming along to his favorite band are humorous — that is until you remember these two things: 1.) Springsteen despises the guy, and 2.) Once the show was over, Christie went back to Trump Tower’s dungeon.


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