Sam Mendes to direct adaptation of creepy true story novel, The Voyeur’s Motel

Steven Spielberg will produce the sordid tale of peeping tom Gerald Roos

Director Sam Mendes has dedicated over half a decade to James Bond. He helmed 2012’s critical darling Skyfall and last year’s polarizing Spectre. Now, it’s time for him to move on to greener pastures; you know, like places where sexual deviants can watch their motel guests get it on again and again?

That’s where Mendes will head when he adapts the Gay Talese’s forthcoming non-fiction novel, The Voyeur’s Motel. Based on the true story of peeping tom Gerald Roos, the story follows the sicko motel owner who purchased the place for the sole purpose of acting like Norman Bates sans the whole shower-killing.

Here’s the yet-to-be-published book’s official synopsis:

On January 7, 1980, in the run-up to the publication of Thy Neighbor’s Wife, Gay Talese received an anonymous letter from a man in Colorado. “Since learning of your long awaited study of coast-to-coast sex in America,” the letter began, “I feel I have important information that I could contribute to its contents or to contents of a future book.” The man went on to tell Talese a remarkable, shocking secret, so compelling that Talese traveled to Colorado to verify it in person. But because the letter-writer insisted on remaining anonymous, Talese filed his reporting away, certain the story would remain untold.

Over the next thirty-five years, the man occasionally reached out to Talese to fill him in on the latest developments in his life, but he continued to insist on anonymity. Finally, after thirty-five years, he’s ready to go public.

Quite a departure from Her Majesty’s Secret Service, huh? The good news is that Mendes will be in great company as Steven Spielberg will be around to help produce this icky tale. There’s no telling when this thing will go into production, but hey, the book’s out July 12th, so consider that your beach reading.



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