Slutface changes name to SLØTFACE, shares new single “Sponge State” — listen

Norwegian punks change their name but maintain their fierce, feminist outlook

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. Scandinavian four-piece Slutface announced today that they have changed their name to something equally awesome but a little more true to their Norwegian roots: SLØTFACE. Apparently, the change comes because their previous moniker was leaving them “shut out of certain opportunities as a band, so to sneak by these old fashioned views we are tricking the internet, shh.” Hey, so long as they keep bringing fierce pop punk hooks like they did at Norway’s Øya Festival last summer, they can call themselves whatever they’d like. Speaking of which, SLØTFACE has also shared new single “Sponge State” to ensure fans that their sound remains largely the same.

“‘Sponge State’ is our term for the feeling that something needs to change,” explained vocalist Haley Shea in a press release accompanying the single. “The song is a reaction to the apathy and lack of action that is symptomatic of our generation. It is about the fact that making the world a better place isn’t about sharing a post or tweeting. Social media is a powerful tool for social change, but real change comes about by doing things and being an active participant.” Hell yes. Is there a way to click “Like” on that statement?

“Sponge State” is the first track from SLØTFACE’s forthcoming debut EP of the same name. That four-track record is out May 27th via Propeller and also features previous singles “Kill ‘Em With Kindness”, “Shave My Head” and “Get My Own”.

Listen in to “Sponge State” below.


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