John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson battle zombies in trailer for Stephen King’s Cell — watch

The long-awaited adaptation of the 2006 novel hits theaters this July

Well, well, well, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson have reunited again for yet another Stephen King adaptation. This time, they’ve moved away from haunted hotel room 1408 and are running from zombies in the post-apocalyptic nightmare, Cell.

This isn’t really news, per se. The long-awaited adaptation of King’s 2006 novel has been in post-production hell for years and years, and only now is it actually hitting VOD and theaters. In anticipation, Lionsgate and Saban Films have dropped a trailer.

Judging from the two-and-a-half minute preview, Tod Williams’ horror thriller definitely looks on the cheaper side, and appears to have scaled back on the story’s scope, but it’s Cusack, Jackson, and King — and those three names work well together.

Check out the trailer above. Cell starts ringing on July 8th.


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