Steve McQueen to follow up 12 Years a Slave with Widows

Gillian Flynn helped co-write the adaptation of the British TV series

It’s been three years since Steve McQueen released his Oscar-winning historical drama, 12 Years a Slave. Since then, he’s floated around a number of projects, including a scrapped HBO series, but now it appears he’s set his sights on a proper followup.

According to My Entertainment World, McQueen is set to begin production on Widows this September. Based on the British series of the same name, the story follows four widows who unite to carry out a heist following the deaths of their thieving husbands.

McQueen co-wrote the silver screen adaptation with Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn, and the story will switch to a modern American city. New Regency will back the production.

“Steve was interested in doing his own version of a gangster film,” New Regency’s Brad Weston explained. “It felt fresh to him to combine a contemporary, hard-hitting, very grounded gangster movie with four strong female characters. We loved it because that’s who Steve is. He sees things differently. This project gives him the commercial jumping-off point, but then allows him to twist it into a Steve McQueen film.”

Revisit the original series below.


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