Stream: Guillermo Sexo’s new album, Eclipse

Boston indie psych band returns with their sixth full-length album

Over the course of a dozen years, a lot can change a person, let alone a group of people in a band. Guillermo Sexo have released five albums in that time, each evolving from the last. Their sound has progressed, their lineup has changed, but they’ve always remained a mainstay of Boston’s indie scene. On April 22nd, their share the most up-to-date version of themselves with their new LP, Eclipse. 

Perhaps fittingly, the sixth record is all about examining not just the changes around you, but the ones coming from inside. “I think Eclipse as a whole has a lot of personal introspective stuff,” frontwoman Noell Dorsey tells Consequence of Sound. “Lot’s of changes in the air, and I wanted to try looking inward more on the lyrical content (and as always, stuff is often abstract cause that’s the way I roll). This is the first album with Pepe [Anzalone] on drums and Richard [Murillo] on guitar, and was a fun album to write. Was definitely going for a more cohesive vibe throughout, and there’s some nice swirling psych-pop stuff, with more angular space anthems.”

Those swirls characterize album singles like “Vision Owl” and “Graffiti Sky”, and it continues to dance through tracks like the spacey “True Shell” and in the “confidence building mantra” of “Confidence Beam”. Even in driving numbers like “Hyperconscious” and opening track “Distant Star”, the album maintains a sense of taking a controlled yet psychedelic journey across the edges of the atmosphere, right at the cusp of the infinite, but always with the glow of the Earth right behind you.

Ahead of the official release via Midriff Records, Eclipse is streaming in full below. Pre-orders are going on here.

Eclipse Tracklist:
01. Distant Star
02. Insomnia
03. Confidence Beams
04. Eclipse
05. Vision Owl
06. Hyperconscious
07. Graffiti Sky
08. True Shell
09. Violet Inside
10. Heavy Shadows


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