Stream: Rollercoasterwater’s psychedelic new EP Umami Sounding Fireball

Los Angeles duo return with four absorbing new tracks

When then-19-year-old Chuckie Behring randomly met Animal Collective’ Avey Tare a few years back, he was given some sound advice about being a psych pop musician. Fast forward a few years, and Behring is about to release Umami Sounding Fireball, his second EP with his Rollercoasterwater bandmate Robin Levy. Guess whatever Tare said was really taken to heart.

Umami Sounding Fireball, which follows last year’s Zooming into an Octagon Flavored Sugar Crystal EP and 2014’s Dripping Retina LP, sees the LA duo seeking to more precisely combine live instrumentation like Levy’s percussion with the swirling electronic melodies created by Behring. “Trying to Maze” may demonstrate this best of all with its rippling blooms of synths and complex rhythmic couplets. Opener “Foam in My Midi Controller” is a dreamy swirl of off kilter psych pop, while closer “Strobe Froth” is practically meditative in its slow repetition and tribal drumming.

Umami Sounding Fireball is an experiment with more organic sounds using acoustic elements and a more traditional recording process,” the band explains to Consequence of Sound, “clashing with synthetic textures to create a source of synesthesia. When we listen to and talk about music, we tend to have cross-sensory experiences, especially in ways that involve taste or sight. The complicated nature of a sense’s tendency to jumble together is the main inspiration for this EP.”

Take a listen to the whole thing ahead of its April 15th release below.

Umami Sounding Fireball Tracklist:
01. Foam in My Midi Controller
02. Avery Tare Said
03. Trying to Maze
04. Strobe Froth


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