Top 10 Songs of the Week (4/1)

A fresh batch of exciting tunes to soundtrack your weekend

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Some weeks, we argue with each other about how difficult it is to rank the week’s 10 best songs. Then CoS went ahead and ranked every single alt radio hit — that’s right: every single one. So, yeah, this week didn’t seem like as much of a problem. While you might not find a few hundred jams in this list, we can guarantee you 10 spectacular new tunes that may just make it into a future all-time great list.

10. Dowsing – “Dissolve”

dowsing dissolve

Chicago once again seems like a hotbed of emo, much as it was near the genre’s formation. After a couple years off, Dowsing are rejoining that conversation with the news of their upcoming third LP. “Dissolve” is an early taste of that record, and it’s a propulsive, charming track led by Erik Hunter Czaja and Michael Crotty’s dual guitar attack. There’s some pop punk to the song as well, particularly in their line-swapping chorus. Their record, due April 29 via Asian Man Records, technically has no title, but it’s being referred to as OKAY because of the hand gesture featured on the cover. Which is about as appropriate for their sound and styling as I could’ve imagined — not to mention awesome. –Adam Kivel

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