Tyler the Creator voices a peg-legged kitty in R-rated animated film The Adventures of Drunky — watch

Rapper will appear alongside Sam Rockwell, Jeffrey Tambor, Steve Coogan, John Leguizamo, Jay Pharoah, and more

Tyler, the Creator lends his gravelly voice to a potty-mouthed, peg-legged cat in the forthcoming R-rated animated film The Adventures of Drunky. It’s hard to think of a better role for the controversial hip-hop artist, who is able to let his id roam free as the eyepatch-wearing cat Oscar. Tyler doesn’t get a ton of screen time in the film’s initial trailer, though he does manage to call God, voiced by Jeffrey Tambor, a “drunk piece of shit.” Nice.

The film is in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign and will be produced by Augenblick Studios, responsible for such irreverent alt-comedies as Ugly Americans and Wonder Showzen. According to the film’s Indiegogo page, it centers on “a hapless barfly named Drunky (Sam Rockwell). When God (Tambor) and the Devil (Steve Coogan) make a cosmic bet and destroy his life, Drunky travels through Heaven and Hell to rescue the girl he loves (Nina Arianda) and save the world.”

It all sounds pretty insane, which means Tyler should fit in just fine. His fellow stars in the film include John Leguizamo, Jay Pharoah, Dave Attell, and Jon Glaser.

Watch the crowdfunding trailer above (Tyler’s kitty — err, cat — pops up around 3:10).


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