Who’s laughing now? Golden Globes change guidelines for musical and comedy categories

Sorry, Matt Damon.

One of the biggest head scratchers at this year’s past Golden Globes was how Ridley Scott’s not-so-hilarious The Martian won the Best Comedy or Musical category. Look, Matt Damon was kind of funny and it was great hearing some David Bowie and a little disco, but that Andy Weir adaptation hardly fit either genre.

Well, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has wiped the egg off their face — or has simply grown tired of opening their email to find this parody trailer waiting for them — and has since published an 11-page document chock full of new rules that should save us from seeing Midnight Special in the same category next year.

Here’s how they solved the ordeal:

For Musicals: “A comedy or a drama in which songs are used in addition to spoken dialogue to further the plot.”

For Dramas and Comedies: “Motion pictures shall be entered in the category that best matches the overall tone and content of the motion picture. Thus, for example, dramas with comedic overtones should be entered as dramas.”

As Entertainment Weekly points out, they’ve also modified the categories for animated features and foreign films, all of which you can view right here.

Will that help? We’ll see on January 8th, 2017 when the 74th Golden Globe Awards return on NBC.


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