Brand New return with new single “I Am A Nightmare” — listen

Long Island outfit's latest offering surges from start to end


    Brand New’s band name lends itself to endless (tired and far too obvious) puns relating to the release of well, brand new music — which is exactly what the Long Island alt-rockers are now delivering their very patient fan base. 2015 saw the release of a one-off single called “Mene”, which gave listeners a taste of new music after six years. Today, nearly one year later (hey, it’s better than six!) Brand New return with “I Am A Nightmare”.

    In January, a leaked email detailed the year ahead for Brand New, citing upcoming tour dates in Canada and the US alongside Modest Mouse, as well as confirming a 2016 record release in an “unconfirmed format.” In October of 2015, at the end of a performance, frontman Jesse Lacey hinted at an impending end to the band. “I’m gonna tell you right here and now this isn’t going to last much longer,” he said. Leaving fans to wonder, could this next record be their last?

    “I Am A Nightmare” does in fact sound like a race to the finish line from the first note — not unlike other tracks from the band. Though one this single, the lyrics suggest deeper meaning. “Throw everything that I own into the fire,” Lacey sings, his vocals buried under thick layers of heavy guitar, rapid drumming and cymbal clashes. He then questions, “Do I have to die to see the other side?” as if subtly suggesting there are other ways, (cough cough, the breakup of a band) to reach the end.


    “I Am a Nightmare” will available both digitally and on vinyl beginning Friday, May 20th.

    Update — Thursday, July 14th at 2:22 p.m. CT: According to a press statement, “I Am A Nightmare” is said to be off an “upcoming release” from Brand New, due out later this year. It’s unclear at this time whether said project is a full-length album.

    “I Am a Nightmare” Artwork:


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