Chance the Rapper says he and Kanye West are working on Good Ass Job project

Plus, Chance shares demo versions of "Waves" and "Famous" from The Life of Pablo

Kanye Chance

Chance the Rapper appeared on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio program on Tuesday. He discussed his excellent new mixtape, Coloring Book, as well as a project he has in the works with Kanye West.

The Chicago natives first connected on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo. Chance co-wrote five songs on the album, and was also featured on the opening track “Ultralight Beam”. Kanye returned the favor by inviting Chance to his studio in Los Angeles, where they worked together to finish Coloring Book. Kanye is also featured on the track “All We Got”.

Speaking to Lowe, Chance revealed how “All We Got” came together:

“Ye says, ‘Pull out the MPC.’ They bring out the MPC almost like in the gold suitcase inPulp Fiction. He records drums in a way I’ve never seen before he does everything live off the MPC. As it plays now the drums aren’t mixed separately, all the kicks all the hi-hat are the same level. He does it literally in one take from top to bottom. He just stands there and goes through it and plays all the drums that you hear on the track as you hear now. Less than five seconds after he does that one take through he goes through and freestyles over it.”

Fortunately, Chance said he and Kanye are only getting started, as the two have plans for a project called Good Ass Job. (As Kanye scholars know, Good Ass Job was previously the working title for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.)

“The main thing we want to connect on is this project called Good Ass Job,” Chance explained. “That’s a thing we talked about a long time ago, and I think everything we’ve been working on together is a piece of it. My intro for Acid Rap was called ‘Good Ass Intro’ and it was a sample from his Get Well Soon mixtape, and in a lot of ways ‘All We Got’ is the same thing. We didn’t necessarily sit down and write together … I literally sampled Ye and took what he gave me in a session of freestyles and sat with it and worked with it. He gave me all the pieces to make what I wanted to make. More so than making a traditional project, I think he just wants to help me make the dopest shit I can make.”

Throughout the interview, Chance played demos of songs from both The Life of Pablo and Coloring Book. Below, you can hear early versions of “Waves” and “Famous” (which was originally titled “Nina Chop)”.

Listen to the full interview below. For more of what we learned, check out our full recap.