David Bowie was going to return to Twin Peaks

Agent Phillip Jeffries was set to reappear after fading away in Fire Walk With Me

Here’s one more reason to grieve over David Bowie’s death: He was set to appear in Twin Peaks.

At least that’s the word according to Deputy Andy Brennan, aka actor Harry Goaz. On Thursday, the 55-year-old actor spoke with The Dallas Morning News about his recent work on the forthcoming Showtime reboot and dropped that little bombshell.

Bowie, who appeared in 1992’s prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was slated to reprise his role as Agent Phillip Jeffries. Sadly, those plans were scrapped once the Starman left us back in January, which means Jeffries will stay missing.

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The news shouldn’t be too surprising; after all, 217 actors signed on for the production, ranging from veteran stars to iconic musicians. Come to think of it, his inclusion would have made for a nice Lost Highway reunion alongside Trent Reznor.

Oh well. We’ll always have this…


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