Earring find solace in sludge on new song “Slow Mud” — listen

Ne-Hi offshoot previews its debut album, Tunn Star


CoSigned Chicagoans Ne-Hi are in the business of breezy, bright indie rock with just a *hint* of reverb. (See their latest track, “Buried on the Moon”, for reference.) The group’s offshoot, however, dives headfirst into that kind of haze — relishes it even.

Comprised of Ne-Hi members Jason Balla and Alexander Otake, Earring bury their melodies in tar and muck, turning the sunny into something far more bleary, bleak, and seemingly born from a mutant strain of post-punk, sludge, and shoegaze. That’s certainly the case on “Slow Mud”, the band’s latest preview of upcoming debut album Tunn Star.

As its title suggests, there’s plenty of grime to go around, and it’s moving at molasses pace. “Slow mud in me/ Where I lay myself to worry,” Earring groan in slow motion, each syllable slower and more stretched out than the last. Thick, bent guitars chug along in the background, their noise somewhere between pea soup fog and muggy swamp. (Think Built to Spill going full psychedelic sludge.)

The mud isn’t just an aural trick, though; Earring take the gooey stuff quite literally. “Mud’ll protect and insulate, keep things squirming,” they tell Consequence of Sound. Mud’s something to lose yourself in. Mud is gross and hides the same and hardens on your skin.”

Stream “Slow Mud” below.

Tunn Star hits shelves on June 10th via Fire Talk Records. For more, check out “Dark Heart”, “Tunn I”, and “Black Chalk”. Pre-order the LP here.

Tunn Star Artwork:

earring tunn album Earring find solace in sludge on new song Slow Mud    listen

Tunn Star Tracklist:
01. Dark Heart
02. Smile Like Hell
03. Tunn I
04. Silt Fence
05. Sunset Forever
06. Swoon
07. Slow Mud
08. Pure Pleasure
09. Black Chalk
10. Midnight Pave