Kanye West went full Kanye during his appearance on Ellen today

Aside from an impassioned speech, Kanye also played a game of 5 Second Rule


Daytime talk shows are typically grounds for some softball when it comes to big celebrity interviews. Talk about your kids, play some goofy quiz games — you know, just have an easy going time. Well, when Kanye West appeared on Ellen for a taping that airs today (May 19th), he did those things, but he also did his thing, which is ranting about how great he can be.

During the sit-down interview portion, Ellen DeGeneres asked Kanye about the time he tried to tweet Mark Zuckerberg. After confirming that he’s cool enough to have had dinner with the Facebook founder and his wife, he started talking about how he wanted people with money to fund his ideas to improve the world. “Starting with the truth, starting with what everyone’s thinking,” he said. “Start there — put some dope shit with it.”

DeGeneres took the bait and asked what he meant by “dope shit”, which opened the famous Kanye Rant Gates. In the proceeding five-and-a-half minute uninterrupted speech, West attempted to touch on every single aspect of his brain process. He compared himself alternatively to Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Picasso. He talked about putting “the exact amount of emotion, and color palette, and sonics” that he puts into his music into his shoes, about how he, as an artist with synesthesia and an (honorary) doctorate from the Art Institute of Chicago, can take those same skills and change the world.

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In particular, he talked about his plans for clothing. He recalled sitting down with President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio, and how his ideas about getting kids cool clothes weren’t looked at as seriously as the actor’s ideas about global warming. “I called the head of PayLess,” he recalled. “I was like, ‘I want to work with you. I want to take all this information that I learned from sitting at all these fashion shows and knocking at all these doors and buying all these expensive clothes and I want to take away bullying.” He then said he needed to be the “Michael Jackson of apparel in order to break open the doors for everyone that will come after I’m gone,” referencing the pop icon’s struggle to get on MTV.

“Isn’t that so funny that people point fingers at the people who have influenced the most?” he concluded. “They talk the most shit about the people who cared the most. I’m sorry, daytime television. I’m sorry for the realness.”

You can’t deny the man’s passion for life and creating a difference, but it’s also hard to deny how egomaniacal a lot of this rant in particular sounded. Calling yourself the most influential never comes off as the most level-headed thing, but Kanye has never really learned that lesson. Take a look at the entire thing below.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kanye had a completely reasonable and sweet discussion about his children with wife Kim Kardashian. He also tried to play a game of “5 Second Rule”, but from his performance, had some trouble grasping the concept of the game. (When asked to name three things that are hairy, he responded, “Balls, balls, balls.”) Watch those clips below.