Paul Simon shares new song “The Werewolf” — listen

The icon's latest sets the tone for his most experimental album yet


Paul Simon’s music may be ever-changing and innovative, though when it comes to release tactics he appears to be a traditionalist. Back in February, the iconic folk singer revealed plans of a North American tour, followed by an announcement last month of his 13th solo record, Stranger to StrangerHe has since followed a familiar path of promotional interviews and song releases, including singles “Wristband” and “Cool Papa Bell”. Today, he returns with his latest offering, “The Werewolf”.

As the opening track, it sets the tone for the entire album, which has been described as his most experimental yet. Here, Simon’s signature soothing storytelling voice invites listeners into a strange new world of warped and slow finger-picking, handclaps, a maraca, and, of course… a howling wolf.

Stranger to Stranger is due out June 3rd via Concord Music Group. Listen to “The Werewolf” below.

Stranger to Stranger Tracklist:
01. The Werewolf
02. Wristband
03. The Clock
04. Street Angel
05. Stranger to Stranger
06. In a Parade
07. Proof of Love
08. In the Garden of Edie
09. The Riverbank
10. Cool Papa Bell
11. Insomniac’s Lullaby