Stream: The So So Glos’ new album Kamikaze

Brooklyn punks continue to challenge the establishment on their fifth studio effort


This Friday, May 20th, The So So Glos will put out new album Kamikaze. In anticipation, the LP is streaming in its entirety below courtesy of The AV Club.

Due out through Votiv Records, Kamikaze follows 2013’s well-received Blowout and serves as the band’s fifth full-length overall. Among its 12 tracks are an acoustic ballad (“Sunny Side”), an ode to the Brooklyn punks’ beloved Mets (“Going Out Swingin'”), and early offerings “A.D.D. Life”“Dancing Industry”, and “Missionary”.

In an interview with Billboard, frontman Levi Zaru explained the album’s title and how, much like their past material, the forthcoming record continues to question the agendas of the establishment and social/cultural norms:

“The first is that the narrator is telling the story of a society on a self-destructive, suicidal path. While it’s the protagonist who takes the wheel and drives, we’re all going down together, swinging. We also intended to comment on extremism in the modern world; all forms of extremism, be it nationalistic, religious, political or apathetic. Lastly, the album is called Kamikaze because we want to take back a historically violent word and redefine it in a progressive way. The explosive weapon in our case isn’t a bomb or an airplane but one of lyrical and musical expression. The narrator is at the end of his rope shooting off at the mouth. His words are weapons. An underlying theme is the individual expressing a state of mind that is equally destructive to himself and the society he critiques. That being said, every song on the record isn’t political or topical. It’s also a party drink, Kamikaze.”

In his review of the album, Collin Brennan wrote, “The idea that one band — especially one punk band — can change the world may seem laughably antiquated in the abstract, but this is one moment where these guys aren’t laughing. Instead, they’re going straight for the jugular, forcing the listener to pay attention and tune out the white noise, if only for three minutes at a time.”

Pre-orders are ongoing.

Kamikaze Tracklist:
01. Dancing Industry
02. A.D.D. Life
03. Going Out Swingin’
04. Devil’s Doing Handstands
05. Magazine
06. Sunny Side
07. Kings County II: Ballad Of A So So Glo
08. Fool On The Street
09. Cadaver (Career Suicide)
10. Inpatient
11. Down The Tubes
12. Missionary