Cass McCombs takes on the government, corporations with new song “Run Sister Run” — listen

The second preview of his forthcoming LP, Mangy Love


Mangy Love is the forthcoming ANTI- Records debut from Cass McCombs. Set to land in stores later this summer, the 12-track effort is being previewed this week with “Run Sister Run”.

Highlighted by a lively, fluid rhythm, it sees the alt folk songwriter using elements of hip-hop and Beat poetry to critique corporate money hoarders and the racially charged shootings in Ferguson, Missouri. A press release details further:

“The political impact of corporate greed and bias appear all throughout Mangy Love, but are most bluntly tackled in this new single, titled as a mantra for a misogynistic justice system. Inspired by Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan, who was imprisoned for defending herself against police, the song jabs at the Supreme Court, calling it the ‘highest authority…on Cheez Whiz.'”

Stream “Run Sister Run” below.

Mangy Love arrives on August 26th. It was produced Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, FIDLAR) and Dan Horne and features guest contributions from Angel Olsen and Blake Mills. For more, hear lead single “Opposite House”.

Mangy Love Tracklist:
01. Bum Bum Bum
02. Rancid Girl
03. Laughter Is The Best Medicine
04. Opposite House
05. Medusa’s Outhouse
06. Low Flyin Bird
07. Cry
08. Run Sister Run
09. In A Chinese Alley
10. It
11. Switch
12. I’m A Shoe