Coolest dad ever Eddie Vedder got all of Bonnaroo to celebrate his daughter’s birthday

The Farm's thousands of attendees wish Olivia a happy 12th birthday

Pearl Jam, photo by David Brendan Hall

Photo by David Brennan Hall

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has been known to make his music a family affair. He and daughter Harper covered the Batman theme song earlier this year, as well as teamed up on a song called “The Traveler” last summer.

During Pearl Jam’s Bonnaroo set over the weekend, Vedder put the spotlight on his eldest daughter Olivia, who happened to be celebrating her 12th birthday, as Alternative Nation points out. “See I got a birthday cake for a girl but I didn’t get any candles,” he told the crowd of thousands. “If you light up your phones you could be the candles and when she blows them out you could turn them off.”

The audience gladly obliged and proceeded to light up the sky with their phones and sing “Happy Birthday” to Olivia. While footage has yet to surface, find some photos of the occasion below.

While down at The Farm, Vedder also joined director Judd Apatow in a tribute to comedian Garry Shandling.


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