Hannah Georgas shares brassy new single “Waste” — listen

A piano ballad gets dancey thanks to a producer's intervention


Photo by Vanessa Heins

Polaris Prize long-listed indie pop artist Hannah Georgas is set to return with her third full-length effort, For Evelyn, on June 24th. With each release, the Ontarian has gotten more adventurous with her compositions, playing with syncopations and experimenting with new instrumentations. The latest single from For Evelyn, “Waste”, indicates that she’s gone even farther down the rabbit hole for this latest album.

“Waste” was originally structured as a piano ballad, but producer Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) heard something different in the track. He added a turned the keys into an ’80s cop-show stalker and layered in squealing, funky horns that should make the ears perk up on fans of early Menomena. But for all the track’s hectic, danceable energy, there’s a thread of defeat that still carries over from the original mood of the song. “All I really really wanted was to hear from you,” Georgas sings on the bridge into the chorus. “At least I’m more of aware of it now/ At least I know I’ll never ever, never gonna do right in your eyes.”

Take a listen to “Waste” below.

For Evelyn Tracklist:
01. Rideback
02. Don’t Go
03. Evelyn
04. Waste
05. Walls
06. Loveseat
07. Naked Beaches
08. Crazy Shit
09. Lost Cause
10. Angel All The Time
11. City