Photo by Jason Lee Denton

Remember that Jack Black comedy Shallow Hal, in which the titular character insists on only dating hot women until he gets hypnotized into seeing people how they really are? That was a good movie! And, as it just so happens, someone finally wrote a good song about it.

“Not So Pretty” is the latest hunk of hard-edged rock and roll from Nashville power trio The Wans, and it explores the contrast between outer beauty and inner ugliness in the only way these guys know how: with heavy-ass riffs. “I’ve always loved the idea around the film Shallow Hal,” says frontman Simon Kerr, “so this song is loosely based around that and some personal experience that I’d like to erase from my memory.” Word, Mr. Kerr. It happens to the best of us.

Despite the probing nature of the lyrics, Kerr admits that he didn’t spend too much time slaving away on this one. “This was one of the songs that practically wrote itself,” he says. “It just started to flow once we started. The writing session lasted about 30 minutes and before we knew it, we had a song.”

Serious question: Can we retroactively put this one on the Shallow Hal soundtrack? What was even on that thing, anyway? [Checks] Oh damn, PJ Harvey and Neil Young. Well, even the legends can scooch over and make room for a song like “Not So Pretty”. If that proves impossible, you’ll still be able to find it on The Wans’ forthcoming Run Baby Run EP, due out June 24th.