John Williams greets musicians playing the Star Wars theme outside his house

Two Star Wars fans/musicians have one hell of a celebrity encounter


    Everyone loves John Williams.

    If you grew up on the films of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Richard Donner, you have undoubtedly worshipped the man’s work for decades. After all, how could you not? The legendary Oscar-winning composer has turned the film score into a pop music repertoire, ensuring a legacy that will forever influence millions of fans and musicians alike.

    That might explain why two of those longtime fans and musicians recently decided to pay homage to the maestro. On July 11th, lower flugelhorn player Michael Miller and his young trumpeter Bruce Haysahi set up shop outside Williams’ home and performed his iconic theme to Star Wars. Let’s just say, he didn’t exactly shoo them off his lawn.

    Watch the scene go down above and revisit his work with our recent Dissected of Spielberg’s filmography.

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