Vince Neil charged in incident that led to confrontation with Nicolas Cage

Mötley Crüe singer allegedly assaulted an autograph seeker


    Earlier this year, video surfaced of a seemingly intoxicated Nicolas Cage manhandling a seemingly even more intoxicated Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe outside Las Vegas casino Aira. Turns out Cage’s intervention (which included him screaming, “I fucking love you! Stop this shit now!”) came a bit too late, as Neil now faces jail time for the incident that started the row.

    TMZ reports that Neil has been charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly grabbing the hair of a female autograph seeker and yanking her to the ground. Police say they have footage of the incident, which reportedly shows the woman attempting to approach Cage before Neil grabs hold of her. She now complains of back and hip pain stemming from the attack, though Neil claims he only pushed by her after she got aggressive in her request for a signature. Neil could face a maximum of six months in jail.

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    In an attempt to calm him down, Cage escorted the singer outside the casino and the subsequent moments were captured on camera (above).

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