Jonny Greenwood meets On A Saturday, Japan’s premiere Radiohead tribute band

Plus, watch On A Saturday perform "Burn the Witch" during a recent tribute concert


    On A Saturday is the name of a Japan’s premiere Radiohead cover band. Their members are so dedicated to their craft that not only is their name a reference to Radiohead’s college-years band, but they play the exact same instruments used by the real band. They even have the same stickers on their guitars!

    Their YouTube page is full of in-studio sessions and live performances of songs from Radiohead’s entire catalog, including A Moon Shaped Pool. Within months of the album’s release, they had already mastered “Burn the Witch” and played it live during a recent gig in Tokyo.

    With the real-life Radiohead set to descend on Japan next weekend for an appearance at Summer Sonic Festival, it’s an especially exciting time for On A Saturday.  In anticipation of the band’s arrival, they headlined a tribute event at Tokyo’s Super Deluxe last week. And earlier today, they got a chance to meet Jonny Greenwood at a screening of his film Junun.


    Here’s Japanese Jonny with English Jonny (via reddit):


    Here’s hoping Radiohead follow the lead of Foo Fighters and invite their doppelgängers for an on-stage collaboration.

    Below, watch more from On a Saturday:

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