Netflix execs say they would be “dumb not to” renew Stranger Things

A second season of the hit series is one step closer to being confirmed

Since premiering on Netflix last month, Stranger Things has easily become the most talked-about show of the summer. Still, despite its immediate success, and the countless storylines it’s left open-ended, the ’80s sci-fi/horror series starring Winona Ryder has yet to be officially renewed for a second season.

“But then there’s the bigger mythology behind what happened, so there’s definitely a lot of dangling threads at the end … if people wanted it and Netflix wanted it, we could explore it and continue the storyline,” Stranger Things co-creator Matt Duffer explained during a Summer TCA Press Tour presentation last week when asked about the future of the series.

After being rather ambiguous the last few weeks, however, the bosses at Netflix have finally all but confirmed that a new season of Stranger Things is in the cards. “We would be dumb not to,” chief executive Reed Hastings told The Guardian today.

Assuming Hastings and Netflix follow through and give the people what they want — more nods to ’80s classics, more extra dimensional travel, more of Eleven’s psychokinetic powers — the second season would follow a similar format to its predecessor in terms of episode count and running time. Though, according to Duffer, it will likely be more of a slow build-up in pace as opposed to the first season, which saw its characters settle quickly into the main plot. “We want it to feel a little bit different, maybe a little bit darker, but still have the sense of fun.”

The 15 to 20 networks that initially passed on Stranger Things must be kicking themselves pretty hard right about now.

For us fans who feel something of a void after binging the series, at least we’ll have its excellent soundtrack at our fingertips soon. (Or you could help stifle the withdrawal symptoms the way I did: rewatch E.T. and Event Horizon on Netflix.)

Revisit the trailer for season one below.



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