Stream: Crystal Castles’ new album Amnesty (I)

Toronto electronic outfit officially kicks off the "Edith" era


The Toronto-founded electronic duo Crystal Castles appeared to be over and done when vocalist Alice Glass officially announced her departure in October 2014. But Ethan Kath soldiered on, eventually bringing Edith Frances into the fold and getting to work on a proper follow-up to 2012’s (III).

That album, Amnesty (I), is now here and available to stream below. Frances proves to be a fine fit for the avant-electronic project, and the newly minted duo have produced an album that’s thrilling and chaotic in roughly equal measure. As our own Michael Madden writes in his review, “With Amnesty (I), Kath and Frances have found ways to maintain the Crystal Castles project’s core energy, making it an exciting official start to the Frances era.”

Take a listen to the album via Apple Music, or below via Spotify.

Amnesty (I) Tracklist:
01. Femen
02. Fleece
03. Char
04. Enth
05. Sadist
06. Teach Her How to Hunt
07. Chloroform
08. Frail
09. Concrete
10. Ornament
11. Kept
12. Their Kindness Is Charade