The Secret History of Twin Peaks audiobook will feature original cast members

Yes, Kyle MacLachlan will lead the pack as Special Agent Dale Cooper

Long ago, when David Lynch first announced the return of Twin Peaks, it was revealed that co-creator Mark Frost would preface the new season on Showtime with a book that would catch everyone up on what the town’s been up to and sorts.

Well, with the show slated to haunt our living rooms early 2017, the time to hit the stacks is nigh. The Secret History of Twin Peaks lands in stores on October 18th via Flatiron Books. But wait, you might want to hold out for the audiobook, instead.

According to Entertainment Weekly, original cast members Kyle MacLachlan (Coop), Russ Tamblyn (Jacoby), Michael Horse (Hawk), Chris Mulkey (Hank Jennings), and David Patrick Kelly (Jerry Horne) have offered their talents to the recording.

Joining them are newcomers Amy Shiels, James Morrison, and Robert Knepper, who will all appear in the forthcoming third season reboot. Their characters, at the moment, are undisclosed, though this will likely be their introduction.

Don’t forget, that’s not the only Twin Peaks merch you’ll want to keep an eye on. As previously reported, Death Waltz will reissue the soundtracks for the series and Fire Walk With Me in September and December, respectively.


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