With one single tweet, Stephen Colbert destroys pharmadouche Martin Shkreli

Shkreli emerged from the pits of hell to defend price gouging of EpiPens

Colbert Shkreli

    Bankrupt pharmadouche Martin Shkreli — who music fans perhaps best know as the owner of the sole copy of Wu-Tang’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin — is still a douche. This week, he emerged from the pits of hell to throw his support behind fellow pharmadouche Heather Bresch, CEO of drug manufacturer Mylan, who’s been accused of price gouging after increasing the price of EpiPens by up to 400% .

    During the opening monologue on Friday night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert went after Shkreli directly. “All this hiking up of medicine reminds a lot of people of a guy named Martin Shkreli, the pharambro who jacked up the cost of HIV drugs by 5000%,” he said. After Shkreli’s image flashed on screen, Colbert pretended to inject himself with an EpiPen, quipping, “That was a close one, I’m severely allergic to douche.”

    From underneath his troll bridge, Shrkeli fired back an elegant rebuttal, tweeting simply, “Suck a dick?”

    Colbert would have none of that, however, perfectly destroying Shrkeli with one glorious tweet of his own.

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