Captain Sully Sullenberger stars as Tom Hanks in trailer for mock biopic — watch

Airline pilot lands his biggest splash yet

This past weekend saw the release of the Clint Eastwood biopic Sully, starring Tom Hanks as the now legendary Captain Sully Sullenberger. Hanks is receiving solid reviews for his performance of the Miracle on the Hudson pilot, but he may have just been edged out of the Oscar race by the very man he portrays.

As part of the pairs’ media rounds, Hanks and Sullenberger stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week. Someone on Kimmel’s crew had the genius idea of flipping the Sully script by having the pilot honor the actor with his own biopic — and in a move that will only serve to grow his legend, Sully was game. So above, feast your eyes on HANKS, in which Sullenberger depicts the beloved American star from the beginnings of his career in the 1980s to his rise to Oscar-winning status in the 1990s. He struggles through the dense script for Forrest Gump, and gives the best damn line-reading of Cast Away you’ll ever see. (Though they clearly missed prime pun potential by excluding Splash.) There’s even a cameo from Hanks’ Bosom Buddies co-star Peter Scolari.

Though it’s just a mock trailer, we’d love to see our own Gerber & Gerber share their take on HANKS.


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