Communist Daughter struggle to “Hold Back” their emotions on new song — listen

Indie folk group preview its sophomore effort, The Cracks That Built The Wall


The music of indie folk outfit Communist Daughter is often directly inspired by the incredibly personal songwriting of founding member Johnny Solomon, a Minneapolis artist whose uphill battle with mental illness has sent him packing to rehab on more than one occasion over the years. He was the well from which they drew for their full-length debut, 2010’s Soundtrack to the End; his struggles are again the focus of their forthcoming follow-up album, The Cracks That Built the Wall.

For a prime example of Solomon’s life being translated into song, listeners don’t need to look any further than the latest LP offering. Titled “Hold Back”, it finds the Communist Daughter band leader in something of a shouting match with a loud, controlling inner voice that’s threatening to take over his entire existence.

Here, hushed, pensive verses give way to a desperate, but lovely choir-like chorus in which Solomon pleads with himself: “Hold back… heart!” Against the backdrop of sweeping, guitar-driven melancholia — think Bruce Springsteen’s classic impassioned anthems — Solomon, with the help of Communist Daughter, is doing all he can to keep from completely unraveling.

“When you have issues with crazy emotions you can’t control, you work hard on not letting them out… ” Solomon tells Consequence of Sound. “Then the drinking, or drugs, or late nights will eventually make them all come rushing out and its never the way you want. This song is about fighting that battle to hold it all back.”

Stream it below.

The Cracks That Built the Wall, which was co-produced by Kevin Bowe (The Replacements) and mixed by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Benjamin Booker), arrives on October 21st. For more, hear lead single “Roll A Stone”.

The Cracks That Built the Wall Tracklist:
01. Hold Back
02. Strange
03. Beach Stalker
04. Roll A Stone
05. Keep Moving
06. BB Gun
07. The Dealer
08. Balboa Bridge
09. All Lit Up
10. The Killing Time
11. Sunday Morning Again

In support of the LP, the band will tour the US for much of October.

Communist Daughter 2016 Tour Dates:
10/12 – Sioux Falls, SD @ Icon Lounge
10/14 – Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers
10/15 – Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews
10/16 – Lincoln, NE @ Duffy’s
10/21 – Minneapolis, MN @ Electric Fetus In Store
11/03 – Nashville, TN @ Hi Watt
11/04 – Dayton, OH @ Blind Bobs
11/05 – Florence, AL @ 116 E. Mobile
11/07 – Lexington, KY @ The Burl
11/08 – Madison, WI @ The Frequency
11/09 – Iowa City, IA @ Yacht Club
11/10 – Platteville, WI @ UW Platteville
11/11 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue