Justin Bieber’s credit card was declined at Subway

Sandwich shop gets its first bit of positive PR in months

Subway Bieber

    In the wake of Jared’s indiscretions, Subway is in need of some serious brand rehabilitation. Surely this will help: Justin Bieber’s credit card was declined at a Subway in West Hollywood on Thursday.

    According to the Daily Mail, the Biebs attempted to purchase a foot-long sub, four bottles of milk, and a batch of cookies only to be thrown into a vortex of sheer embarrassment when the cashier responded, Hmm, it says the card was declined. Ummm, do you maybe have another? A good samaritan eventually stepped in and purchased Bieber’s lunch, but the look on his face as he exited the restaurant was nothing short of amazing.

    Eat fresh, Justin.

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