Lower Dens share bleary video for new song “Real Thing” — watch

Lower Dens' latest is a soft-focus tutorial


Lower Dens have today shared their first bit of new music since the release of last year’s Escape From Evil. “Real Thing” is a tender slow-burner that expresses the struggle between love and desire. It comes to us via a video that’s visually as nostalgic as the track sounds. The clip from the Baltimore indie-poppers comprises soft focus shots of frontwoman Jana Hunter singing on a stool or facing herself in a mirror while even blurrier cuts of people dancing are interspersed throughout. Check it out up top.

Hunter explained the creation of “Real Thing” in a press release:

“Initially, I wrote ‘Real Thing’ with my friend, musician Arthur Bates. Arthur and I have had a very long, intense, chaotic and very close friendship. He’s also been a major influence on me personally and artistically. I love him. When we’re together, the air is full of intense melancholy, reckless abandon, and a very goofy kind of dark humor. Somehow in our years of knowing each other we’d never written a real song together. We got together specifically for that purpose, in Houston, the town where we met, and wrote this song in about an hour. The lyrics were inspired by an advice column in an old copy of Oui magazine I found in Arthur’s apartment. The woman writing in to the column seemed genuinely torn between her love for her husband and her desire to fuck around. I find that kind of selfishness entirely relatable, the kind of thing all of us know about ourselves and find nearly impossible to admit. Those kinds of simultaneously internal and yet universal struggles bring me to tears. What if we could all acknowledge just those kinds of flaws, accept them, resolve not to judge each other? I mean, who wants this misery? This alienation? The greed that follows generations of repression? The jealously, oppression and injustice that come next? No. Hell no. If that’s reality, I don’t care to be a part of it. Or at least that’s how I let myself feel from time to time, until I realize I love people and I’m part of the community of humankind and if things are gonna be better for anybody it’s on me to do my part. Might seem like a lot but, for me, it’s all in this song.”

Lower Dens haven’t announced a new album yet, but they’re currently on tour alongside Explosions In The Sky. Check out their complete schedule of dates below.

Lower Dens 2016-2017 Tour Dates:
09/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe at Old National Center *
09/13 – Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall *
09/14 – Cleveland, OH @ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
09/15 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Theatre *
09/24 – Albany, NY @ Larkfest
09/30 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pioneer Works
10/01 – Harrisburg, PA @ Makespace Music Festival
12/17 – Houston, TX @ Day For Night
12/18 – Houston, TX @ Day For Night
05/11 – Baltimore, MD @ Joseph Myerhoff Symphony

* = w/ Explosions In The Sky