Someone mashed up the Stranger Things and Twin Peaks themes, and it’s eerie perfection — listen

When two beloved TV shows collide in theme song bliss

Netflix’s Stranger Things is an homage to the great dramatic mysteries of the ’80s; David Lynch’s Twin Peaks could be viewed as the last of those. There’s a lot of similarities between the two, from the use of alternate dimensions to the large cast of small town characters grappling with the supernatural. Seattle’s Prom Queen noticed that there’s even a similar aesthetic to the shows’ theme songs, and set out to see what would happen if those two worlds collided in a musical mashup.

“I have always loved synths. So I fell in love with Stranger Things the first time I heard the theme song,” Prom Queen told Welcome to Twin Peaks. “And ‘Laura’s Theme’ is my favorite thing to play on any synthesizer. It’s so beautiful.”

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The combination of the two is a glorious, eerie slice of synth nostalgia. Dubbed “Stranger Peaks” (because “Twin Things” conjures different images entirely), the mashup takes Survive’s already classic theme from the Netflix series and weaves in Angelo Badalamenti’s captivating “Laura Palmer’s Theme”. It’s like listening to Dale Cooper trying to track down the Demogorgon through the thick woods of Twin Peaks… or is that Hawkins?

Take a listen below.


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