Tangerine Dream cover Survive’s Stranger Things soundtrack — listen

German electronic group put their own spin on Survive’s brilliant, synth-heavy score

While composing the excellent soundtrack to Netflix’s original sci-fi series Stranger Things, Survive’s Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein often turned to the German electronic group Tangerine Dream as a source of inspiration. The duo has now received the highest compliment they could have asked for, as Tangerine Dream have shared two covers from the Stranger Things soundtrack. Listen to both of them below.

This isn’t Tangerine Dream’s first foray into the world of Stranger Things, as the group’s original music was featured in the show’s first season. Fans of the series can look forward to a second season, a vinyl release of the first season’s soundtrack next month, and a forthcoming fall tour from Survive.

And anyone who thinks they can do better than Tangerine Dream (ha!) would do well to check out our Guide to Creating Synth Music, According to Stranger Things’ Survive.


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