The Exquisites follow through with anthemic punk single “Make a Song” — listen

Asian Man signees preach mindfulness with an uncommonly mature punk anthem


Photo by Dre Avila

Pop punk seems to have finally grown up in recent years, with bands like The Sidekicks, Restorations, and Cheap Girls adding a mature indie rock flavor to the genre that was once known more for snotty cadences and fart jokes. Add The Exquisites to that list of catchy punk bands that have adopted a more thoughtful outlook and have the chops to back it up. The recent Asian Man Records signees will release their new album Home on October 14th, and today they’ve shared one of its more rousing tracks, “Make a Song”.

This puppy rocks right from the get-go, with vocalist Jason Clackley shouting over a cacophony of distorted guitars and driving percussion. His lyrics (“Am I obliged to settle on an inconvenient truth?/ I’ll make my bed each day following my own”) paint the act of songwriting as one of agency and self-determination, and the waves of noise behind him lend an extra charge to the sentiment. “This song’s about peace, patience, and mindfulness,” he tells Consequence of Sound, but it’s also about smashing the haters with 100 pounds of loud. At least, that’s our interpretation.

Listen to “Make a Song” below, and preorder Home here.

Home Tracklist:
01. Faith
02. Count on Me
03. Home, no Home
04. Setting Sun
05. Climbing Down at the End of the Day
06. Make a Song
07. Grow Away
08. Shift to the Best
09. Constellation Moments
10. Send a Word Home

Home Album Artwork:

exquisteshome original The Exquisites follow through with anthemic punk single Make a Song    listen