A Stranger Things Christmas mashup tosses Peanuts into the Upside Down

Don't tell Charlie Brown he's been replaced by an equally distraught Will Byers

With the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things still months away, it’s nice to know that a few artists and fans are doing their due diligence in keeping everyone busy until things are back at Eleven. (Then again, if we’re being honest, the cast has also been working extra hours, too.) Though, out of all the memes and parodies and random appearances, this might be the most creative spin on the series yet: a mashup with Peanuts’ iconic holiday special A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Aptly dubbed A Stranger Things Christmas, this three-minute clip swaps the titular blockhead with Will Byers, who’s fresh out of the Upside Down and feeling rightfully glum and, yes, still coughing up those nasty slugs. Longtime Peanuts enthusiasts will revel at all the inside gags that have been tweaked to accommodate the faces of Hawkins, Indiana. Dustin’s filling in for Linus, while Eleven has taken over Sally’s Psychiatric Help desk … and Joyce is, well, she’s been given the adult treatment.

Watch the video above and check out the animator’s other inventive offerings here.


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