Memes are now statistically more popular than Jesus Christ

So says Google

It took us some 2000 years, but we vultures of the Internet have finally done it: Memes have officially surpassed Jesus in terms of online popularity. Twitter user @Kuwaddo pointed out the historic Google Trends statistics yesterday, which show that, despite a long and strong reign, search terms for the Messiah have now slightly dipped below those for “memes”.

Interest in Jesus has been consistent for some time now, with upticks around Christmas and Easter, but the world’s love for memes has steadily increased since 2011 — right around the time Instagram, a popular hub for the funny shareable pics, launched. God can’t be too happy right now; our only hope is that there will be memes to accompany us in hell.

Here are a few of my fave memes, new and old:


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