Saturday Night Live spoofs Stranger Things, finally reveals the whereabouts of Lucas’ parents

Lin-Manuel Miranda plays Dustin and Kate McKinnon is cast as Eleven in the funny sketch

Stranger Things SNL

For as great as Stranger Things was, there were a few glaring plot holes in season one. Among them: the whereabouts (or lack thereof) of Lucas’ parents.

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live offered a “preview” of the show’s forthcoming second season, and Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair finally make their presence felt. Not surprisingly, they’re worried about their son and the type of people he is associating himself with.

The funny spoofing stars Sasheer Zamata as Lucas, Kyle Mooney as Mike, host Lin-Manuel Miranda as Dustin, and Kate McKinnon as Eleven, along with Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson as Lucas’ parents.


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