The Griswolds and Lizzo poke fun at hookup culture with new track “YDLM” — listen

Aussie alt-rockers team up with Minneapolis rapper on funky, Prince-inspired cut


Photo by Paige Wilson

Australian alt-rockers The Griswolds can’t seem to take anything seriously, even the prospect of falling in love and getting one’s heart viciously broken in the span of a single night. The quartet’s newest track “YDLM” (shorthand for “You Don’t Love Me”) would be morose or melancholy in the hands of most other bands, but these guys find a way to make unrequited love something to shake your booty to. Teaming up with rapper-vocalist Lizzo, they’ve created a funk-inspired track that owes a huge debt to Prince and sounds like it was a hell of a time to record. As Griswolds frontman Chris Whitehall more succinctly puts it, “It’s impossible not to move your body to.”

Elaborating on the track, Whitehall says “YDLM” came about as a less-than-serious attempt to understand a core aspect of the millennial experience. “In true Griswolds cheeky fashion, it pokes fun at ‘one-night stand’ culture and rushing into love with someone you barely know,” he explains. So leave your tears at the door and strap on those dance shoes, and you should be in good shape.

Lizzo — who delivers the song’s most playful verse in her unmistakable cadence — confirms that “working and playing with The Griswolds is the same thing. This song came so naturally to us, and I had a blast making it.” Coincidentally, you’ll probably have a blast listening to “YDLM”.

The song will appear on The Griswolds forthcoming sophomore album, High Times for Low Lives, due out November 11th via Wind-Up Records. Check out the track below, and scroll down for the tracklist and album artwork.

High Times for Low Lives Tracklist:
01. Role Models
02. Out Of My Head
03. Birthday
04. Come Down (Interlude)
05. YDLM ft. Lizzo
06. Rufio
07. Feels So Right
08. James Joint
09. Hate That I Don’t Hate You
10. Lookin’ For Love
11. Superhero (Interlude)
12. Get Into My Heart
13. High Times For Low Lives
14. I Want It All

High Times for Low Lives Album Artwork:

album art medium The Griswolds and Lizzo poke fun at hookup culture with new track “YDLM    listen