Alice in Chains cover Rush’s “Tears” for 2112 reissue — listen

Metal group's first studio recording in three years is a prog-rock cover

On December 16th, Rush are set to release a 40th anniversary reissue of their classic 1976 concept album, 2112. In addition to live, rare, and previously unreleased tracks, the deluxe box set includes a handful of covers. Following Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins’ take on “Overture”, today reveals another one of those remakes in the form of Alice in Chains’ take on “Tears”.

While almost an exact recreation of the original, Alice in Chains can’t help but put a touch of their own grunge sound on things. Interestingly, the cover marks the band’s first studio recorded material in around three years. Check it out via Spotify below.

In addition to Alice in Chains and Grohl and Hawkins’ contributions, the 2112 — 40th box set also includes covers by Billy Talent (“A Passage to Bangkok”), Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson (“The Twilight Zone”), and Jacob Moon (“Something for Nothing”). Find the full tracklisting below.

2112 – 40th Tracklist:

Disc 1: Original Album Newly Remastered by Abbey Road Studios
I. Overture
II. The Temples of Syrinx
III. Discovery
IV. Presentation
V. Oracle: The Dream
VI. Soliloquy
VII. Grand Finale
02. A Passage to Bangkok
03. The Twilight Zone
04. Lessons
05. Tears
06. Something for Nothing

Disc 2
01. Solar Federation
02. Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nick Raskulinecz – Overture
03. Billy Talent – A Passage to Bangkok
04. Steven Wilson – The Twilight Zone
05. Alice In Chains – Tears
06. Jacob Moon – Something for Nothing
07. 2112 – Live at Massey Hall 1976 Outtake
08. “Something for Nothing” – Live at Massey Hall 1976 Outtake
09. The Twilight Zone – Live 1977 Contraband
10. 2112 1976 Radio Ad

DVD: Live at Capitol Theatre 1976
01. Bastille Day
02. Anthem
03. Lakeside Park
04. 2112
05. Fly by Night
06. In the Mood

Bonus Videos
Overture: Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nick Raskulinecz
A Passage to Bangkok: Behind the Scenes with Billy Talent
2112 – 40 Years Closer: A Q&A with Alex Lifeson and Terry Brown


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