Aretha Franklin, still the undisputed Queen of Soul, delivers record-breaking performance of the National Anthem

Despite recent health issues, the 74-year-old singer proves she still has it

In recent years, Aretha Franklin has dealt with her fair share of health issues, leading to the cancelation of several concerts. Yet any doubt over Franklin’s abilities were put to rest on Thanksgiving, as the 74-year-old soul singer delivered a record-setting performance of the National Anthem.

Franklin was tapped to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” at yesterday’s Lions vs Vikings game in Detroit. Not only did the music legend showcase her Motown soul, she did so for an impressive four minutes and 35 seconds — making her piano-accompanied rendition of the National Anthem quite possibly one of the longest any televised program’s ever seen. (Alicia Keys supposedly set a record at a Ravens game back in 2013, but hers only lasted 2:06.) Replay Franklin’s performance up above.



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