Because we’re all in need of a laugh, Comedy Central is launching its own festival

Bonnaroo production company Superfly is also involved with the three-day event set to take place in San Francisco

Comedy Central is teaming up with Superfly, the promotion company behind Bonnaroo and Outside Lands, to launch its first comedy festival. As Deadline reports, the three-day event will be held in San Francisco — the same city where Outside Lands takes place — and promises to appeal to comedy fans of all stripes with a wide-ranging lineup of standup, sketch, and musical acts on hand. If it’s anything like the current version of Outside Lands, the food options will also be pretty incredible.

Though LA’s Festival Supreme keeps getting better and better, major comedy festivals are generally an anomaly in the music-focused festival scene, so Comedy Central’s newest venture is definitely filling a need. “This is a totally fan-driven event for the comedy super fans,” Comedy Central president Kent Alterman assures Deadline. He claims the network was attracted to San Francisco due to its “incredible comedy legacy and a very active community of fans.”

That being said, music will also be well-represented in the eventual lineup. “The festival will bring together top comedy, amazing music, and [a] culinary lineup for a dynamic cultural experience,” says Chad Issaq, Superfly’s EVP, Business Development & Partnerships. Given all those components, we wouldn’t be surprised if the festival layout ends up looking a lot like 2016’s Outside Lands — not a bad thing, so long as the weather holds up.


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