Bernie Sanders says Killer Mike’s name “got me a little bit nervous”

Former Democratic presidential candidate calls Run the Jewels rapper "a serious guy" and "an extremely bright guy"

Two weeks on from the election (which already feels like a lifetime ago), many may be feeling a bit nostalgic for Bernie Sanders. Others might be having a bit of “I told you so” syndrome, like one of Sander’s most vocal supports, Killer Mike. The Run the Jewels rapper made frequent appearances in support of the one-time presidential candidate, though the Senator from Vermont at first wasn’t so sure if he should accept Mike’s backing.

In a new interview with GQSanders was asked whether someone had to explain to him who Killer Mike was. “Yes, they did,” he admitted. “The name got me a little bit nervous,” but he added, “Killer Mike has never killed anybody. It’s just, he’s a killer rapper.”

He also called Killer Mike “a serious guy” and “an extremely bright guy.” Sanders might be too old to withstand the rigors of another presidential campaign come 2020, but considering the approval he’s given Mike and the rapper’s continued political engagement… Michael Render for President, anyone?

Revisit RTJ’s latest song, “2100”, below.


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