Biker gang rescues Bruce Springsteen after his motorcycle breaks down

They then made their way to a local bar for some cold brews

On Veteran’s Day, Bruce Springsteen went out for a ride. For that night the highway was bright and with the end of summer near, the time was right for racing in the street. Unfortunately, his motorcycle broke down before he got down to the river, and if not for a group of fellow riders, he would never have made it back.

According to the Associated Press, members of the Freehold American Legion Post 54 Legion Riders came across Springsteen stranded near Allaire State Park in Freehold, New Jersey on Friday. “Bikers gotta stick together. I stopped to see if he needed help, and it was Bruce,” Dan Barkalow told the AP. They tried to get Bruce’s bike working to no avail; so like all sensible adults, they opted for the next best thing. Springsteen hopped on the back of another’s bike and they made their way to a local bar for some cold brews.

“We sat there and shot the breeze for a half hour, 45 minutes till his ride showed up,” Barkalow added. “Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days.”

Honestly, you could’t make up a better Bruce story if you tried.


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