Billy Joel is to blame for Bruce Springsteen’s broken motorcycle

"Oh shit, I hope it wasn’t the bike I built for him"

On Veteran’s Day, Bruce Springsteen was saved by a motorcycle club after his bike broke down. Turns out a fellow rock legend is to blame.

Billy Joel owns a custom motorcycle shop based out of Long Island. As he explained during his concert at Madison Square Garden this week, Springsteen is own of his clients.

“So he takes the bike out on Veteran’s Day and it breaks down. It’s all over national news: ‘Bruce’s Bike Breaks Down,” Joel told the audience. “So I’m reading this and thinking, ‘Oh shit, I hope it wasn’t the bike I built for him.’ I called him, ‘Bruce, what bike was the bike that broke down?’ ‘It was the one you made for me.’ ‘Oh. Sorry about that.’ ‘Oh no, it’s cool, dude.’”

“No good deed goes unpunished,” Joel added. As a mea culpa, he then led his band into a cover of Springsteen’s “Born to Run”. Watch below.


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