C.G. Roxanne and the Nightmares revel in depravity on new song “R.A.T.S.” — listen

LA power trio takes the best and most deplorable course of action

C.G. Roxanne and the Nightmares are ostensibly a new band from Los Angeles, but they’ve got all the scum of rock ‘n’ roll history caked onto their exterior like an old Cadillac in desperate need of a wash. Their new single “R.A.T.S.” stands for “Reckless and Terrible Solution,” and it’s a glorious kind of filthy, the kind you don’t find too often in an LA scene that values sheen over — well, we’d say substance, but substance abuse is more like it.

Judging from their lyrics, this power trio seems to have a lot of demons to purge, and judging from their blistering guitar-and-drum attack, they seem to have a lot of fun doing it. “This song is about getting our tires slashed by our ex-girlfriends in the middle of the night,” they tell Consequence of Sound. “You typically find yourself in a R.A.T.S situation when your back is against the wall, and the only foreseeable course of action is the most deplorable.”

We’ll thrash to that. Check out “R.A.T.S.” below. The physical single drops this week via Altamont.